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GDCC Software, Workflows & Containers Working Group

Members: Danny Brooke, Philip Durbin, Julian Gautier, Dorothea Iglezakis, Genevieve Michaud, Katie Mika, Jim Myers, Slava Tykhonov, Tom Vilette
Chairs: Oliver Bertuch, Ana Trisovic

Motivation and goals

The SWC group aims to support research software, workflows, and container dissemination for reproducibility and reuse. The group discusses the necessary metadata, file formats, tools, and infrastructure necessary to incorporate these resources in data repositories such as Dataverse. We consider technical problems like integrated research encapsulation, code testing, and automation; community surveys and exploratory studies; and developing relevant guidelines and workshops. The effort is motivated by the pressing need to facilitate computational reproducibility of scientific results.

Projects and discussion topics

  • Inform and support technical contributions handling software, workflows, and containers in Dataverse. Of particular interest are adopting standard metadata schemas and contributions that will facilitate integration with related projects such as Code Ocean, Whole Tale, Research Object, and Git.
  • Conduct analyses on deposited datasets including examining its contents, file formats, research code execution, and code quality on single and multiple Dataverse instances with the aim to drive further discussion and development.
  • Understand community needs, opportunities, and challenges by conducting surveys of the Dataverse community. The surveys may include both the institute's repository managers and the researchers.
  • Create and curate instructions for adequately depositing code (including containers and workflows) for reproducibility and reuse at the Dataversr instances. Collect instructions on diverse Dataverse tools and resources in one place.


Working group meetings

Contact us to find out the next meeting time. All meetings are held on Zoom. Meeting notes are available here.

Get in touch

We welcome anyone who wants to join our discussions. Send us an email or join the Dataverse Community Slack channel.